Freedom In Christ Ministries


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Freedom In Christ Ministries deals with oppression by spiritual forces which may afflict an individual and provides a scriptural and effective basis upon which freedom may be ministered by the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Freedom is sensitively ministered either individually or, in a seminar setting, to groups. Freedom In Christ Ministries provides comprehensive training to those who wish to assist in freedom ministry under the care and oversight of their local church.

Mission Statement:

Freedom In Christ Ministries, in full cooperation with local pastors, presents both practically and by teaching and training a sound approach to whole personality release that:

  • is balanced and biblically based;
  • honours Jesus Christ;
  • is effective in providing for children, teenagers and adults freedom from spiritual oppression, bondage and domination;
  • provides a deeper understanding of spiritual warfare necessary for effective evangelism, victorious living and fulfilment of individual destiny.
Tony and Aureole Piper Operators of Freedom In Christ Ministries


Pastors Tony & Aureole Piper are based out of Brisbane. Rev Noel and Mrs Phyl Gibson are both now in glory with our Lord Jesus Christ. Phyl lived a very productive life until of the age of 95 setting the captive free in so many lives right up to the end.


If believers are not set free from the shackles of the past, they will continue to fill the pastor ‘s office with their problems. Rejected Christians repeatedly get offended and move on from one church to another. In their discouragement and defeat there is the ever present danger that they may wander away from the church altogether and seek help in the New Age and occult. Once released from oppression of evil forces they can become fruitful in ministry and move from being a part of the problem to contributing to the solution!

Tony & Aureole Piper operate freedom In Christ Ministries. Their home church is, Worship Centre Brisbane Australia.

 Freedom in Christ Ministries is one of the greatest blessings to the whole Body of Christ. Every time I sit in on their seminars to intercede for the participants I come away personally re-cleansed and excited about what God has in store for me and all who have attended. I have known Aureole and Tony as dear friends for many decades and have seen thousands set free to live whole joyful lives through their ministry. 


Pastor Jan Campbell



This seminar and workshop where all participants who enroll in the Wagner Leadership Institute will receive valuable training units towards accreditation.”

Freedom In Christ Ministries is a Missionary Trust established in 1983.