About Us

Pastors Tony and Aureole Piper

Tony and Aureole Piper operate Freedom In Christ Ministries. They have been part of the freedom ministry for over 30 years. Because of an increasingly heavy demand, they have taught seminars since 1994 across Australia and overseas. Since 2001, Tony and Aureole have regularly travelled to Malaysia to conduct seminars and teach in the churches of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Muar, Penang, Sibu, Miri and Kuching. They have ministered in USA, New Zealand, Denmark and France.

The Pipers provide practical training so that others can be released to minister freedom. Aureole has developed experience and a special expertise in ministering freedom to children.

They are members of the ISDM – International Society of Deliverance Ministers. In 2018 Aureole spoke at the conference in California, America.

“So many are not walking in the freedom which Jesus bought for them but are dominated by addictions, or oppressed by fear, anger, lust, the occult, and so on. They are looking for answers. They want themselves and their children free.”

The Pipers spent eight years as pastors with Citipointe Christian Outreach Centre Brisbane, one of Australia’s largest and leading churches. Tony was formerly a geologist in oil exploration and Aureole is a registered nurse and midwife. They have been married for over 40 years and have 3 adult children and a growing number of grandchildren. They worship at the Ormiston Christian Faith Church.

Aureole is the daughter of Noel & Phyl Gibson, pioneers in the ministry of release, founders of Freedom In Christ Ministries and well known authors on the freedom ministry and evangelism. The Gibsons were mentors to Tony and Aureole and to many others, including Doris Wagner who coordinates the freedom ministry for Wagner Leadership Institute-USA. Tony and Aureole have a passion to pass on their knowledge and expertise, training others to help the churches set their people free.


Seminars: Four electives are offered:

Basic. Teaching about spiritual oppression; ministry for release.
Intermediate-Adults. Basic, plus how to minister freedom to adults.
Intermediate-Children. Basic, plus how to minister freedom to children& teenagers.
Advanced. Basic, plus how to minister freedom to adults, children & teenagers.

This training has been presented at some YWAM Discipleship training Schools and is open to any group which would like to host the teaching.

Tony and Aureole Piper oversee the Freedom Team. The team meets regularly to minister release to individuals who call in for assistance. Those who attend the Advanced Freedom Seminar and wish to go further, can sit in with Freedom Team members when they are ministering in order to be trained on the job. Aureole commonly ministers freedom to children.



Freedom In Christ Ministries was founded by Rev. Noel (deceased) and Phyllis Gibson who were born and married in New Zealand. Phyl was a nurse and Noel started out as a part-time law student and registrar of the law courts. He also worked as a volunteer chaplain in prisons. He would screen films, hold bible studies and discussions, and counsel inmates. His quick wit and lack of condemnation ensured he was respected by the toughest men. Noel became an open air evangelist and after studying in the United States he was ordained as a Reverend.


They moved to Sydney in 1967 when Noel was appointed the Australian Director of Open Air Campaigners and International Training Director. (Open Air Campaigners is an interdenominational missionary organization now known as OAC Ministries.) Noel led hundreds of people to a saving faith in Christ. Although he made sure that they were carefully discipled many still struggled to break free in certain areas of their lives. Because of the great need for release from oppression, Noel and Phyl Gibson founded the missionary trust Freedom In Christ Ministries in Sydney in 1983. They were much in demand around the world lecturing and ministering at bible colleges and Youth With A Mission schools.


As Noel’s health started to waver he continued his work, but this time by writing, committing his vast knowledge and experience to paper. With the help of Phyl, his first book was published, “The Fisherman’s Basket”. This invaluable manual presents the how to’s of open-air evangelism, drawing from Noel’s 25 years of experience. It is used as a text in many bible colleges. The first book on freedom was “Evicting Demonic Intruders And Breaking Bondages”.

Phyl was heavily in demand for ministering freedom to children and teenagers so together they wrote the second book of their freedom trilogy, “Deliver Our Children From The Evil One”. Following closely in 1992 was “Excuse Me… Your Rejection is Showing”, completing the trilogy.


“Rejection undermines, breaks or prevents normal and harmonious relationships between family members, marriage partners, fellow workers and social contacts. A most serious consequence is that it may keep a sinner from coming to God for salvation, or a Christian from reaching his or her full potential with God, and for Him.” (Page 15)


In 1994 another book was published, “The Gospel Overcomes Satanic Oppression”, a compelling expose of the power of the cross over the works of Satan.

“The book’s major objectives are to inform, equip and challenge all who are involved in evangelism to use the gospel’s spiritual power and authority so that those they lead to Christ will be totally released from satanic oppression.” (Preface)


After ministering release to over 10,000 people on an individual basis, and one year prior to Noel’s death, Noel and Phyl wrote their final book, Freedom In Christ”.


“In it we define the principles and practices of our practical ministry so that counselors in all English-speaking countries may learn how to become effective in whole-personality release.” (Preface)



Noel and Phyl Gibson have proved the effectiveness of a husband-and-wife team of 50 years, welded together by the Holy Spirit of God. They have glorified Jesus Christ as Lord in personal living, marriage, and in private and public ministry. Aureole Piper is the middle of their three daughters.


“When the God of the Hebrews judged all the heathen gods of Egypt and set His people free from bondage and slavery, He did so through the blood of the Passover Lamb. They were then free to follow Moses right into the promised land of freedom and supply. Rebellion and unbelief turned an 11 day journey into a 40 year nightmare of wanderings and death which need not have occurred. Many of today’s Christians are stumbling around in a wilderness of discouragement and defeat which is not the will of God. The promise and power of the Passover Lamb are for the total release, freedom and joy of all whom the enemy still oppresses. Freedom is for believing and receiving.” Noel Gibson