Handbook to Freedom


The booklet is put together to help those ministering deliverance to others. It is alphabetically list of spirits to release the captive from. Spiral bound for easy on the spot access.

Some of the topics covered is

Abortion, bullying, computer games,panicattacks and a comprehensive section on those caught in sexual sin.

Myself, even after ministering for 30 years, is my vital resource which I use every time.

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This Handbook is an additional help when praying deliverance with people from all walks of life.

It is used in conjunction with the questionaire that identifes the roots in a person’s life. It lists some special needs that may hold keys for you in certain situations. e.g. Cancer, Abuse, Boarding School, Jezebel are some examples.

It is a list of demonic strongholds that keep people captive and is a  a vital tool in this ministry.

Personally, I use it every time when ministering deliverance to a person. – Aureole

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