The seminars teach a practical, biblically based method or release through the use of a finely detailed training manual (only available at seminars). It is unique in that it provides practical ministry to participants so they can experience first hand the joy of being free. This ministry is provided in a group setting, after the teaching of the seminar, under the covering of the local church, in a safe and controlled environment, and with experienced ministers present to assist. Practical tools are given for setting others free and instruction in how to use them effectively.

Wager Leadership Institute students are accredited training units for attending the seminar.

Subjects Covered

  • Rejection, its scope and crippling effects. “Rejection is the greatest undiagnosed malady, therefore the most untreated problem in the Christian church today.” (quoted from the Gibson’s book on rejection)

  • Satanic strategy against children and teenagers. To make people aware of how Satan is taking out our youth three hours are dedicated to this area. If you are a parent, parent to be, a counsellor, or work with children then this is a must. You will be given practical tools to use for releasing children and teenagers.
  • Mental and Emotional problems, which include fears and death.
  • Freemasonry – how it curses you and your children.
  • Problems of heredity in addictions and other behaviours, giving new insight in this area.
  • Witchcraft and Occult. Know how to help people out of this entanglement with Satan himself.
  • Sexual lust in all its forms. This includes; molestation, incest, rape and adultery and how to set free people that have been caught in it. Also addresses pornography and masturbation, areas not often tackled by the church.
  • Cultural and Religious bondages. These can seriously hold us back from a personal, living, vital relationship with our God.
  • Sickness, illness and allergy.
  • Ministry in depth to the whole personality. We are made, body, soul and spirit. Each area needs to be addressed and dealt with. Healing the memories is also essential.
  • Comprehensive follow-up is mandatory in deliverance.
  • Opportunity for on the job training in ministering freedom to others.


  • To teach and impart a Biblically balanced, effective and transferable method of ministering release geared to the Church’s needs in the 21st century.
  • To explain why believers may suffer from oppression by the evil one and to set them free through the authority and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To assist pastors by the practical training and equipping of responsible persons, teaching them how to minister freedom to children, teenagers and adults.
  • To remove prejudice against deliverance and the fear of undesirable happenings by providing God honouring guidelines for release.


Four electives are offered. These may be taken in the one seminar or conducted as separate seminars.

Basic – 8 hours


  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Human Personality

Freedom for the Whole Personality

  • Rejection
  • Mental & Emotional
  • Occult & Witchcraft
  • Sexual
  • Addictions
  • Ethnic, Cultural and Religious
  • Follow Up

Intermediate – Children & Teenagers – 11 hours

Basic +

Ministering Freedom to Children & Teenagers

  • Satanic Onslaught against Children & Teenagers·
  • Influences affecting our Children & Teenagers
  • Entry of Evil Influences into Children’s Lives
  • Hereditary causes of Rejection
  • Difficulties with Children including ADHD
  • ·Children’s Questionnaire
  • How to Minister Release, Cleansing & Renewal
  • Follow Up for Parents including Discipline
  • Teenagers – How To’s & Follow Up

Intermediate – Adults – 11 hours

Basic +

Ministering Freedom to Adults

  • Personal Preparation
  • Technique
  • Cleansing & Filling
  • Misconceptions & Problems

Advanced – 14 hours

Basic +

Ministering Freedom to Adults +

Ministering Freedom to Children & Teenagers


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Open Ministry

This is conducted in a group setting as the last session of each seminar. It can function in a controlled environment because each participant has been instructed how the ministry works and how to work with the ministry. Experienced ministers are present to assist and the ministry is conducted under the covering of the local church so the release can be effected safely, under clear guidelines.

Freedom Ministry

Freedom ministry is offered in two settings:

Personal Ministry

Personal ministry is offered by the Freedom Team, Brisbane., overseen by Tony and Aureole Piper. The pastor of the person seeking release is first consulted. Members of the Freedom Team conduct the person through a detailed questionnaire which has been developed over more than 30 years of freedom ministry experience. An additional person may be assisting if he has attended an Advanced Freedom Seminar and wishes to be trained in how to minister freedom.

With the power of the Holy Spirit and the use of the questionnaire, spiritual oppressions are discerned and the entry point ascertained. The oppressive spiritual powers are driven out and the person cleansed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. If a husband and wife have come for release, they are ministered to separately then reunited to be bonded together for their new life of freedom. Detailed instructions are given showing the person how to walk in freedom.


After Noel had ministered freedom to well over 10,000 individuals, the following books were written by Noel and Phyl Gibson.

Evicting Demonic Intruders and Breaking Bondages

The teachings of this book present what will probably be a totally new perspective. It deals with demon oppression in the whole personality in one extended period of ministry, rather than the piecemeal fashion of most deliverance approaches.

Deliver Our Children From The Evil One

Noel and Phyl Gibson make no claim to be experts on children’s problems but merely parents and grandparents with practical experience and God given insights into causes of, and solutions to, many vexing problems amongst the young.

Excuse Me … Your Rejection Is Showing

Rejection undermines, breaks or prevents normal and harmonious relationships between family members, marriage partners, fellow workers and social contacts.

The Gospel Overcomes Satanic Oppression

This book’s major objectives are to inform, equip and challenge all who are involved in evangelism to use the Gospel’s spiritual power and authority so that those they lead to Christ will also be totally released from Satanic oppression.

Impact on Churches

Pastors, frustrated by the inability of traditional counselling methods to solve some long standing problems, have shown a renewed interest in biblically based freedom ministry. They have been shown a balanced and viable method of release from spiritual oppression and seen people dramatically change.

“The response has been excellent. We have seen some wonderful results. A woman who has suffered severe depression as long as she can remember said she felt cleansed after the ministry.”
Snr Ps Doug Grant, Grace Christian Fellowship

“…it’s thorough, relevant and 100% accurate for every Christian.”
Ps Clem & Leanne Fryer, Solid Rock Church